Cloma Pharma Methyldrene Elite (25mg Ephedra)


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*This is a much stronger version of the original Methyldrene. Only for experienced users only!* Remeber the fat burner that everyone loved and still loves? Methyldrene original? Well- not Cloma Pharma took that same formula- and made it even better. Burn more fat- sweat more- and get more energy! Now for the new and improved fat burner for people who want more out of a fat burner! Introducing one of the best fat burners- Cloma Pharma Methyldrene Elite with 25mg of Ephedra!

What is Cloma Pharma Methyldrene 25 Elite?

Methyldrene 25 Elite is the new and improved fat burner from Cloma Pharma. This is the next version following Methyldrene 25 Original! Take the original formula- and make it 2x as better with added ingredients like MCT Oil and Yohimbe! This will give you insane energy and focus while burning off that fat you want gone- but ONLY for experienced users as this is a very high potent formula!

What is in Cloma Pharma Methyldrene Elite?

Methyldrene 25 Elite has all the same ingredients as its original- but added even more mind-blowing ingredients for more intense and better results! Each pill has around 260mf of caffeine- but Cloma Pharma added 1.5mg of Yohimbe and 25mg of Cayenne Pepper! On top of that- the holy grail of ingredients- Ephedra Extract of around 25mg! That will help give you all day energy and delete your cravings. All these herbs and stimulants work together to give you that burning feeling and make you sweat even more so you can see the fat fall right off


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