Rich Piana 5% – Freak Show Insulin


  • TRANSFORM CARBS INTO MUSCLE, NOT FAT with the power of an insulin mimetic, which drives carbohydrates into muscles where they can be used. Powerful nutrient partitioner,
  • 350 MG GLUCOSE INHIBITOR BERBERINE, serious glucose regulator meant for carb-heavy meals, so you can eat those pre-workout carbs and get them where they need to be. Berberine helps regulate how the body uses sugar.
  • 1 GRAM GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE, the ingredient known as the sugar destroyer! Highly effective for metabolic support, weight loss, and dieting. Hydrates muscles for fullness and pump.
  • DESIGNED FOR HIGH CARB DIETS & KETO SUPPORT with 500 mg Banaba Powder to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates. Helps transfer carbs out of the blood stream and toward muscles to promote healing and growth instead of fat storage.
  • NOTHING LIKE IT ON THE MARKET: Rich Piana 5% Nutrition is proud to offer the most innovative products that help you smash your goals. Join us in the most hardcore muscle-building community on the planet. We are committed to consistency, quality and performance.
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If you’re hunting gains, you need quality carbs to help you build maximum muscle. After all, carbs are the preferred fuel source of the body. That’s the energy your muscles use to power you through your workouts. The thing is, too many carbs and you risk the excess being stored as fat. So how can you eat the carbs you need without fear of fat storage?

Freak Show helps you utilize those excess carbs for muscle growth and glycogen replenishment instead of fat storage. This formula mimics the power of insulin without the downsides! It contains

ingredients that are essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and enhance the delivery of carbs to your muscle calls, which means more energy to power you through your most brutal training sessions. Moreover, it also pulls in lots of water for insane muscle fullness!


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